Image of Night of the Living Dandelion: A Flower Shop Mystery


Image of Night of the Living Dandelion: A Flower Shop Mystery

The Flower Shop mysteries continue with a juicy plot involving a dark and handsome newcomer whose strange habits lead the locals to decide he is a vampire. Great plotting and interesting secondary characters add depth and humor to the story, while Abby and Marco’s relationship strengthens and sizzles as they work together to solve a woman’s death before Marco leaves town.

With a sprained ankle hindering her independence and the news that her fiancé has to report for duty in a few weeks, Abby Knight can’t imagine things could get any worse. How wrong she is. Marco’s friend from Romania, Vlad Serban, arrives to learn the ropes at Marco’s bar. Dark, handsome Vlad has a penchant for weird houseplants, dressing in black and disappearing during the daytime. The locals have dubbed him a vampire and set up an anti-vampire website. When a woman is found dead and drained of blood, fingers start pointing at Vlad. Abby knows Vlad is innocent and sets out to uncover the real killer. Hopefully, she can do so before Vlad ends up with a stake through the heart. (OBSIDIAN, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin