Eccentric characters with killer
wits populate this mystery. Reluctant heiress Andy Kendrick is spunky
and intrepid as she looks into her boyfriend's disappearance -- and
tries to get a handle on her socialite mother's romance with a former
government agent. McBride's Debutante Dropout series can tally
up another amusing tale as Russian mob bosses mingle with topless

Good-guy defense attorney Brian Malone didn't want to spend an evening at one of Dallas' tawdry gentlemen's clubs, but what can a guy do when he throws his best buddy a bachelor party? But when Brian goes missing, the drunken groom tells Andy her beau disappeared through the back door with the hot blonde stripper who turned up dead in the trunk of Brian's car.

Andy's a stand-by-your-man woman, and she vows to prove that Brian's disappearance means he's in big trouble before the Dallas police use him as a fall guy for murder. Her investigation leads her to the type of seedy and dangerous characters that would horrify her society maven mother, Cissy, but when the chips are down, she races to Andy's side. (AVON, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper