Image of Night Lost: A Novel of the Darkyn


Image of Night Lost: A Novel of the Darkyn

With two concurrent storylines,
Viehl's newest paranormal tale is
fast paced and fully packed. She
does an excellent job of world-
building and provides characters
who continue to be explored book
by book. You won't regret spending time in this darkly dangerous and romantic world!

Ancient Darkyn Gabriel has been brutally tortured by his fanatical religious captors, the Brethren, for two years. All that's keeping him sane are his dreams of a special woman. Nicola "Nick" Jefferson is a woman on a mission: finding the Golden Madonna stolen by her parents' murderers and destroying them.

As Nick searches a wrecked church for religious icons, she finds and rescues Gabriel. Now free, he intends to confront Darkyn leader Richard to find out why he was abandoned. Richard, meanwhile, has problems of his own. He's kidnapped Alexandra Keller, the mate of the American vampire leader, hoping she can find a cure for the mutation ravaging him. Is there a Darkyn war in the making? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith