Arriving home one night, D.C. caterer Jordan Curry discovers her childhood friend Phoebe Averill camped out on her doorstep. Along with Phoebe is her four-year-old son, Spencer. Out of the blue she begs Jordan to keep Spencer and tell no one that he is there. Phoebe won't explain why, but Jordan suspects it has something to do with her husband Reno's work. Because of Spencer's unexpected arrival, Jordan forgets all about her blind date with architect Beau Somerville, set up by mutual friends.

When Beau arrives and meets Jordan and Spencer for the first time, he is intrigued, but the small child also reminds Beau of the wife and child he lost several years ago in a tragic accident. Shortly after their "date," Beau sees a news report about the murder of Philadelphia attorney Reno Averill and his wife Phoebe. The report also states that their son Spencer is missing and presumed dead. Jordan is devastated when Beau arrives and breaks the news. Their only clue as to what happened is Spencer's tale of a pirate coming and threatening them. When Spencer wakes screaming in the night that the pirate is back, Jordan and Beau decide they need to hide out until they can figure out who is stalking Spencer.

Dangerous intrigue and dark secrets make this a compelling read. However, the pace of the story makes the developing romance seem slightly forced and abrupt. (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith