Image of Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians, Book 2)


Image of Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians, Book 2)

The promise shown in the launch book of Duvall’s terrific Immortal Guardians series proves quite justified in this action-packed sequel. All the previous players are back and there’s more mystery in their world. This blend of kick-butt action, intriguing plot twists and heartfelt passion is utterly addictive! Talented Duvall has carved out a solid place for herself in the paranormal genre.

Immortal Guardian Marcus Graden is hugely annoyed to find that despite the defection of Bastien from the vampire ranks, they are still organizing and attacking in groups. Vampires are supposed to be insane thanks to a virus that destroys their brains, but this bunch is way too organized. As Marcus faces some vamps on his own, he is suddenly assisted by the young and extremely capable Ami. Ami has her own deep secrets, but Seth, the head of the Guardians, wants her to be Marcus’ human second. Marcus and Ami learn there is a new vampire king in town and he has some dangerous and unexpected allies. There is much more going on than first meets the eye and it could spell dire consequences. (ZEBRA, Dec., 395 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith