While this book has an interesting premise -- Hollywood is already weird enough without throwing in spooks and vampires, after all -- it struggles in the execution. The worldbuilding is weak, the main character isn't very sympathetic or interesting, and while there are some interesting plot developments, there's not enough to hold the interest of even the most die-hard reader of this particular subgenre.

Brought in to help investigate her father's mysterious disappearance, Dawn Madison has lots of moxie and lots of issues, due mainly to the fact that her mother was drop-dead gorgeous -- and murdered -- starlet Eva Claremont.

Dawn's father, Frank, had been looking into the appearance of a long-dead child star in the background of a recent film when he went missing, and that's where Dawn and her new colleagues start their search. Pulled into an entirely new world of supernatural activity, Dawn has to keep her wits about her or risk losing everything -- including her life. (Ace, Feb., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs