Image of Night Road


Image of Night Road

Night Road is emotionally taxing to read. Readers who are parents will come close to an empathetic meltdown. Hannah’s voice is modern and relevant. This novel addresses the shortcomings we all have — where they come from, how they compound upon each other and how it is sometimes harder to acknowledge them than to set ourselves free of them. Night Road will stay with you after you’ve turned the last page, switched off the light and put your head on your pillow.

Jude has overcome a difficult relationship with her mother and the death of her father to create the most idyllic life imaginable — she’s got a successful doctor for a husband; fraternal twins, Zach and Mia, who are open and trusting; a close-knit community of friends and a garden worthy of magazine spreads. In all, her life is as perfect as a Norman Rockwell painting, and Jude is certain it will continue to be — until a fateful choice changes her entire world. (ST. MARTIN’S, Apr., 400 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs