NIGHT SCENTS is award-winning author Carla Neggers' best book to date! Her knack for blending wonderfully eccentric characters with passion, humor and suspense makes her novels a pure joy to read!

Only for Hannah's sake does Piper Macintosh allow herself to get talked into these nutty situations. Piper's 87-year-old great-aunt Hannah has insisted that the valerian root she needs has to be harvested before sunrise, so Piper is stuck trespassing at 3:00 AM on the property of her brand new reclusive neighbor. Piper can't quite get it through Hannah's head that since she sold the 200-year-old Frye house to Nashville tycoon Clate Jackson, the herbs in the garden are no longer hers. Inevitably, Piper winds up caught in the act.

Clate senses trouble from the first moment he discovers his attractive intruder. He brought the isolated Cape Cod home to escape from the pressures of his life; neighbors who raid his garden are not what he has in mind.

Piper is becoming more and more concerned about Hannah. With her herbs and potions she is usually considered a harmless eccentric, but one local businessman now claims that Hannah poisoned him. Hannah also claims to remember information regarding a buried Russian Fabergé Egg on Clate's estate and her parents' murder some 80 years ago. After catching both Piper and Hannah in his garden yet again, Clate decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Piper and Clate can dismiss most of Hannah's new revelations, but when Piper starts getting threatening phone calls, they fear that someone else is taking those claims very seriously.

(Aug., 307 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith