Image of Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)


Image of Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)

Beginning with a quick update for readers new to the Blood Coven series, the story continues with a modicum of humor and some interesting twists. The heroines both have to make some difficult choices and the story takes a dark turn with a number of deaths. A fun read, though there is some bad B-movie dialogue.

Finding out why her father abandoned her, her sister and mother, as well as the revelation that she and Sunny are fairy princesses, throws Rayne McDonald for quite a loop. She has just accomplished becoming a vampire like she’s always wanted and now there are fairies out to make them return to fairyland and crown Sunny queen — or kill them. When the fairies attack and Rayne steps in to save her family, things get even more confusing. When they’re sent to the Slayer, Inc., school in Switzerland to hide out, it soon soon seems that they have just jumped from the frying pan into the fire. (BERKLEY, Jan., 256 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley