I have always loved the song Brandy, about the barmaid and the sailor. Kat Martin has written a tender, emotional tale based on the romantic lyrics of this classic tune.

Brianne (Brandy) Winters works in her fathers Charleston tavern dreaming of a day shell be free to live her life. That dream might also include the handsome captain Marcus Delaine, the Earl of Hawksmoor, a man who loves the sea more than life itself.

When Marcuss ship, the Seahawk, sets sail, Brandy makes a bold decision to stow away for an adventure.

It isnt long before she is found, and in his wrath, Marcus confines her to a cabin and then assigns her to work in the galley. Brandys beauty and passion win the crew over to her side and though they are beset by a string of unexplained accidents, the short voyage is a dream come true.

When Marcus finally takes her in his arms, Brandy learns the joy of love. But she also knows Marcus will leave again.

Then tragedy strikes. Marcus is paralyzed and Briannes father dies. Fate brings them together when she travels to England and vows to help Marcus regain the use of his legs. But will he leave once more to exact revenge on the man responsible for the accident, or can Brandy woo her hero away from the dangers at sea?

Kat Martin combines salt spray with the ballrooms and bedrooms of Regency England to create the ideal atmosphere for her characters adventures. Though not one of Ms. Martins powerful battle-of-wills romances, NIGHT SECRETS incorporates sensuality and mystery with a strong love story and a colorful backdrop. SENSUAL (June, 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin