Adair adds more sinister mystery to the second book in a trilogy within the T-FLAC series. For a trio of wizard foster brothers, secrets from the past may lead to disturbing discoveries. The head-butting and sexy repartee between these protagonists is vintage Adair. Tremendous!

Wizard and T-FLAC agent Lucas Fox's magic shorts out while he's teleporting, and he crashes at a Medi-Spa in Brazil. Author Sydney McBride runs into wounded Lucas and, figuring that there's one hell of a book in his story, she hides Lucas from the soldiers hunting him. Lucas had been trailing a criminal when he landed at the spa. Is something sinister going on? As Lucas and Sydney investigate, they discover a terrible operation that may be linked to terrorists. While Lucas would like to keep Sydney far away from trouble, his magic only works reliably when she's near. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 314 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith