The paranormals that make up the this anthology sizzle with all-out sex fests from furry to M/M. The stories leave readers unsatisfied as they are forced to set up new rules for each “world,” rely too heavily on clichéd situations and characters and rush their endings.

Mac isn’t sure if the violet- eyed beauty is real or imagined, but he doesn’t really care after a night of mind-blowing sex with Zianne, a being of energy who can take human form. As their relationship deepens, she hopes Mac’s help will free her people in “Dream Catcher” by Douglas. Shapeshifter Kira has returned to Between and to Max. As they lead the royal guards, they finally explore their simmering passion until a plot to kill the royal couple leads to a near-death experience in “Taken Between” by Jordan. A wrong number is “The Right Number” by LaFleur when wolf shapeshifter Jay misdials and finds his mate. When Jay and Roni finally meet after getting to know each other with sexy phone calls, a decades-old pack feud could be the end of them. (APHRODISIA, Dec., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison