Image of The Night Side


Image of The Night Side

This excellent romance includes enjoyable scenes with the first games of gowff, now known as golf. Ghosts make a few appearances, and there is a nicely rendered gothic ambiance.

Summoned by his MacLeod relative, Colin Mortlock journeys to Noltland Castle. His memories of the castle include the many ghosts he was able to see as a child, a talent he inherited from his mother.

Colin arrives in the guise of the master of gowff to the 12-year-old laird, George, and his guardian cousin, Frances Belfour. His true mission is to convince Frances that she should marry the MacLeod. Colin, though, has his own plans -- to protect both George and Frances from all their enemies, whether they be his relatives, their relatives or neighbors -- whether they be living or dead. But with a traitor among them and a hellhound on the loose, will his protection be enough? (LOVE SPELL, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley