Returning to Coral Beach, FL, is the last thing marine biologist Lily Banyon wants to do. Growing up, Lily could never please her mother. Then there's Lily's nemesis, Sean McDermott. Since Lily and Sean's grandmothers and mothers are best friends, there was no way they could avoid each other. Lily, for one, always felt ugly and awkward around Sean. Today she's a woman with deep emotional wounds who still carries a grudge.

Now the mayor, Sean is none too thrilled to hear that the marine biologist being sent over to finish the coral reef ecology report is Lily. Sean quickly discovers that she is quite a potent package and that the teenage attraction he felt toward her has exploded into lust.

The antagonism and lack of trust between Lily and Sean runs almost too deep, as they warily push toward a passionate relationship. A rising star, Laura Moore continues to build an impressive resume of highly readable books. (May, 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith