"How far does loyalty extend?" That is a key question in Gregory's hot new tale of romance and danger. Tangled emotions and motives add up to nonstop reading pleasure.

When her foster brother Ricky Sabatini calls asking for help, New York fashion designer Josy Warner quickly agrees. Ricky is a New York police officer, currently under suspicion of corruption. Things take an ugly turn when Josy's apartment is ransacked and she stumbles across a fatally injured man. After Ricky warns her to flee, Josy grabs what she can and heads to Wyoming.

Needing to get out of Philadelphia to escape the memories of his deceased wife, Sheriff Ty Barclay is a fairly recent transplant to Thunder Creek, though his family has deep roots in the area. Josy's sudden appearance there stirs up various emotions in Ty. He also suspects she is mixed up in something strange—but he never imagines the danger that is stalking her.

(Jul., 353 pp., $ 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith