Image of Night of the Tiger (Hades' Carnival)


Image of Night of the Tiger (Hades' Carnival)

The initial premise of this new series is one this reviewer couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, it falls short of its potential. The idea of a tiger shifter trapped for 5,000 years is tantalizing, but once he is freed, the story falls prey to the all-too-common insta-love trope along with a character who appears much too at ease in modern society. Add in plot holes that appear to be solved far too readily with no prior basis, and this becomes a tale of what might have been.

Aimee Horner bases her illustrations on her nightmares, which involve horrifying monsters and demons — and then a gorgeous white tiger. When a trip to a carnival with a friend leads her to a carousel tiger just like the one in her dreams, she can’t resist climbing on, only to discover she has unlocked an immortal warrior who’s been imprisoned for millennia. They have to survive 24 hours with Hades himself trying to kill them. Can she sacrifice herself for the first man she’s ever really had feelings for? (SAMHAIN, Jan., 272 pp., $15.00)
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Cyndy Aleo