Book Review

by Heather Graham

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal, America
Sensuality: MILD
Setting: 1862 and 1864 West Virginia

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Graham’s unique tale cleverly blends Civil War history, vampire myths and lore and of course, heart-pounding romance. It’s perfect for those who love intricate historical details, lush scenery and old-fashioned romance.

Half-vampire/half-human Megan Fox’s search for her long-lost brother lands her deep in the middle of the Civil War, where she joins forces with her brother and his soldier friends. One friend in particular, Cole Granger, isn’t quite as willing to trust her as the others. With enemies all around, she can’t blame him for his suspicions. However, her deep attraction to the man and her commitment to justice put them together. Can she earn his trust?

Cole Granger doesn’t trust easily and with traitors all around them, he has good reason. When a sultry and seductive half-vampire shows up, there’s no way he’s going to take her at her word. Yet he’s drawn to her both physically and emotionally. As her secrets unravel, Cole will have to decide what to trust, his heart or his head. (HQN, Dec., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Annette Elton

Publisher: HQN

Published: December 2010

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
(14 ratings)

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Girl in a Vintage Dress

Submitted by Nas on June 24, 2011 - 6:13am.

GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS is the latest presentation by author Nicola Marsh for Harlequin Romance series.

Lola Lambert grew up in a household of fashionable women. Her supermodel sister and their fashion conscious mother tried their best to get Lola to be a picture of themselves. But Lola was content to be the ugly duckling of the family. Her opinions didn’t matter, what she liked didn’t matter so she just went along with everything rather than make waves.

Then she moved to a new city and reinvented herself. She opened up her dream shop of vintage clothes and accessories. Busy with her business and her new life she had no time for love or romance.

In walked Chase Etheridge, a modern business man, who couldn’t be parted with his Smartphone for even a second, and who ran his business with all the modern gadgets! Chase wanted to organize a hen’s night party for his sister.

How Lola takes away Chase’s phone to enforce the rules of her shop and how Chase convinces Lola to take on the job of organizing a vintage themed hen’s party for one whole week is full of entertaining moments. Though modern, Chase feels the attraction between this lover of all things vintage, Lola and himself. They are polar opposites. Yet the chemistry between them just can’t be denied.

During the week of the party, Chase finds himself drawn back to his fabulous mansion to check on the chicks, as he keeps telling himself. Whereas he used to keep away from his house and it’s representation of a happy family. He has grown up without a happy family. But meeting Lola, he dreams of creating his own happy family.

GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS is a wonderfully tender romance that I found charming, absorbing and moving. Nicola Marsh is a terrific writer who creates likeable characters readers are sure to take to their hearts. I found Lola to be a realistic, flawed yet resilient heroine who seriously lacks self confidence and is constantly under-selling herself and Chase was a strong, charismatic and turned out to be a sensitive hero, I absolutely adored. Even the secondary characters, the four B’s are to be loved.

I liked author Nicola Marsh’s style. It seemed like she is writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios come alive as do the people with her use of witty dialogue and situation that helps us know them better.

GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS is well worth reading!



The Man Who Could Never Love

Submitted by Nas on June 24, 2011 - 6:06am.


THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is another Harlequin Presents Extra by the fabulous pen of USA Today Bestselling author, Kate Hewitt.

With a loveable heroine, who lacks self confidence in her femininity, women will relate to, a gorgeous but  tortured hero everyone will love and plenty of twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats, THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is a fabulous story, romance readers shouldn’t miss.

The Count of Cazlevara decides to marry because he needs an heir to inherit his title and all it entitles. So he approaches Anamarie Viale with a business like proposition. Because Ana ticks all of Vittorio’s checklist boxes.

Ana, herself was resigned to live without love and marriage and after considering Vittorio’s proposition, accepts it.

Though, she knows that this is a marriage of convenience only, she still yearns for her husband’s love. She realizes that she had deceived herself when she’d agreed to a loveless marriage as a business arrangement. Love may not be comfortable but it was everything.

 The depth of characterization and intense emotional scenes amid the tension and betrayal drama made this story believable.

I finished the story in one sitting as I wanted to know what would happen next, and had the happy mushy feeling in my heart by the time I ended it. I gladly give it 5 stars.

A wonderfully written and richly layered love story from one of Harlequin Presents’ most popular authors, THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is another keeper from the always fabulous Kate Hewitt!

The Best By Far

Submitted by popper6895 on April 28, 2011 - 8:04am.

Of all the books this one is by far the absolute best. The emotional and physical aspects are just so intense you won't know whether to laugh or cry..but you will do both. The "needing" scene alone is worth the price of the book plus some. My heart was broken and then rejoiced for Zsadist and even though it has been a long time since I read this book I will never forget it or him. We all need a Zsadist in our lives...who doesn't love a 6'6" scarred and tortured hunk of vampire?

BAYOU MOON by Ilona Andrews - An incredible read!

Submitted by StoneMage on December 8, 2010 - 12:12am.

Absolutely Wonderful, The Edge is well beyond words to describe how much you will enjoy this book and enjoy the adventures and love contained within the covers. This is an incredible story, You're in the line at the coffee shop first thing in the morning waiting paitently your turn, the barista asks you what flavor you'd like for your coffee, you tell them "I want the blood of the Hand!" then think Oops...I just can't stop thinking about them! Then you go back home and call in sick and return to Bayou Moon.

I can not stress enough to you to buy this book and enjoy it. As well as all their books; The Edge, Magic Bites, Magic Bleeds, Magic Fights, and Magic Slays. Enjoy the adventures, tragidies and ultimate love that Ilona Andrews books share with us!