Davis Lytton doesnt understand his daughter Tafalines interest in archeology nor the fact that she enjoys gallivanting over the countryside taking photographs. What she needs is a husband! On a dig, Davis reluctantly asks Tafaline to photograph the skeleton of the famous ghost piper of Duntrune, Malcolm MacIntyre.

Legend has it that Malcolm played the pipes all day to warn the clan of impending disaster. His plan worked but in retribution the enemy brutally killed him. Fascinated with the tale, Taffy is drawn to the long-lost piper and unwittingly touches his bones as she takes the photos.

Brimming with the myth, magic, and lore of Scotland, this is a tale to cherish. Ms. Jackson deftly weaves the haunting legend of the piper into a beautiful story of lovers who defy time for a chance to be together. (Mar., 361 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor