Image of The Night Before the Wedding


Image of The Night Before the Wedding

A sexy Highlander, an ancient curse,
a delightful heroine and enough humor and sensuality to satisfy any reader turns Mullins' latest into a charmer that's both
a romp and a tender love story.

Wealthy heiress Catherine Depford has her pick of suitors, but no one has captured her heart, for it belongs to the man of her dreams, a Scot warrior. Highland chief Gabriel MacBraedon is following the dictum of an ancient curse when he arrives in London hunting for "the daughter of Farlan blood" to be his bride.

The instant he and Catherine meet they recognize each other as soul mates. But Catherine is promised to another, and Gabriel cannot simply abduct the bride. But Gabriel "knows" he must steal Catherine away to the Highlands and make her his own. Catherine has longed for his touch in her dreams and can have him in the flesh, but falling in love isn't simple when a curse and a feud are at work. (Avon, Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin