A perennial favorite, Judith McNaught adds a new layer of suspense to her latest romantic release. Her unique voice and talent shine through in this exciting tale of loyalty, love and danger.

Bell Harbor Police Detective Sloan Reynolds has always known about her wealthy, prominent father Carter Reynolds, she has just never met him. When Sloan was a baby, Carter and his parents forced a divorce on Kimberly Reynolds and took one of their two daughters with them.

Sloan has also heard about her glamorous sister Paris, but hasn't met her either. So it is with disbelief and anger that Sloan greets the news that Carter suddenly wants to meet her.

Sloan has no intention of joining the family in Palm Beach, but a visit from the FBI changes her mind. According to Agent Paul Richardson, the FBI suspects Carters bank of laundering syndicate money. Paul wants Sloan's help in getting inside the Reynolds estate to see what they can find. Sloan agrees to the plan and the condition that Paul accompany her on the visit as her friend.

Despite her misgivings about meeting her family, Sloan discovers that she may really like her sister Paris. Noah Maitland, the Reynold's neighbor, makes an immediate impression as well, but Paul suspects Noah of being the front man for laundered money.

The brutal murder of great-grandmother Edith shocks everyone, especially when the murder weapon turns out to be Sloan's pistol. Trust can be shattered in an instant, can love be rebuilt from the ashes?

(Jan., 381 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Smith