Image of Night Whispers (ShadowLands)


Image of Night Whispers (ShadowLands)

Startling, intensely suspenseful and emotionally compelling, Rai’s post-apocalyptic wasteland of virus-ridden Shadows and ruthless humans is hauntingly detailed and enthralling. By allowing readers to see her fearless heroine’s vulnerability and her reluctant hero’s evolution, she proves a master of characterization as well as of worldbuilding. Their connection is so strong and transformative that it transcends even the bleakest of circumstances, making for a journey not easily forgotten and a series worth following.

In the years since mankind fell victim to a terrifying illness, analyst James Bennett has existed underground, monitoring the outside world with the help of agents across the globe. James is content to stay hidden — until the day he contacts ex-gang member Jules Guerrero, who has devoted herself to destroying the blood-drinking Shadows. James’ steady strength has kept Jules sane, and she treasures their tenuous technological connection. But when Jules is captured by a rogue organization for medical testing, James must face the world, and his own deep scars, in order to save the woman he loves. (SAMHAIN, Oct., 297 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown