In the sequel to The Silver Wolf, readers are once more lured into the minds of werewolves. Shifting smoothly from wolf to human and combining different characters points of view, NIGHT OF THE WOLF envelops readers in the events, bringing history to life as easily as she makes us believe in shape-shifting werewolves.
Ms. Borchardt's rather mystical writing style is as much a lure as her fascinating subjects. Readers feel, breathe, taste and
love with the characters and the reading experience is heightened. Let yourself be drawn into this world.

Set in Rome, the action explodes as Julius Caesar is planning his attack on the North and Britain.

The fierce young pack leader Maeniel watches the legions march onward, crushing all those before them. Maeniel's change from animal to human is brought about by the beautiful woman Imona. With her he learns of human desire, and when the Romans attack her, he learns what horror humans are capable of bringing upon one another.

While he watches and follows the troops, huntress Dryas stalks him. They bond together and follow the road leading to Rome. Maeniel is captured and trained as a gladiator and they are plunged straight into the very heart of the political plot surrounding Caesar as the Ides of March approach.

(Oct., 400 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin