Image of Night of the Wolves


Image of Night of the Wolves

Buffy and Angel go west, as Graham brings the undead to Texas for an almost campy take on the genre. This is the mix for an entertaining read -- one that blends the atmosphere of a small frontier town with the terror of outlaw gangs, massacres and the appearance of vampires -- along with the prerequisite vampire slayers.

When a series of unexplained massacres occur in Texas, Confederate soldier Dr. Cody Fox is sent to investigate. He's already had experiences with killings of this type. Alex Green escapes the horrors of the Civil War by following her father west. When s he discovers he's dead she stays, opening a boardinghouse in the peaceful town. Danger rides in with outlaw Milo Roundtree, who many fear is the culprit behind the massacres. Just as Milo has a knife at Alex's throat, Cody dispatches the bandit. But the danger is far from over as Cody and his sidekick uncover empty graves and hear stories of the dead walking the night.

While the townsfolk band together against an unseen evil, the attraction between Cody and Alex builds, especially when Alexandra discovers the truth about her father's death and Cody's mission. Is Cody the slayer the town needs to survive, and how does Alexandra's father fit into the picture? (HQN, Dec., 350 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin