Image of Nightbound: Lords of the Darkyn


Image of Nightbound: Lords of the Darkyn

Viehl’s third book in the Lords of the Darkyn series will definitely please fans. Though it’s a little hard to swallow that the Kyn’s stronghold is disguised as a medieval theme park, it’s a creative idea that gets the job done. Readers who enjoy a little historical background in their vampire romance will definitely appreciate the mysterious aspect of the Knights of the Templar. And the powerful romance between Beau and Alys is sprinkled with enough adventure to keep readers busy until the happily ever after.

Dr. Alys Stuart is known for her extraordinary theories regarding the Templar Knights. She’s totally unaware that the Kyn are supporting her program financially — and taking an active interest in her work. So it’s a complete surprise when they send handsome Beau to act as her assistant and protector; the last thing Alys expected was to feel such an undeniable attraction to someone she had just met. When a Templar artifact is uncovered, Alys and Beau must learn to trust one another if they hope to prevent a war between mortals and Kyn that would destroy everything they’ve ever known. (SIGNET SELECT, May, 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes