Image of Nightcap


Image of Nightcap
With Nightcap (4), Kathleen O'Reilly finishes the Those Sexy O'Sullivans miniseries. New York deputy mayor Cleo Hollings is exhausted. The transit strike is deadlocked, and she's been working night and day with no results. She falls asleep in her office and into an erotic dream, the closest she gets to sex these days. Lawyer Sean O'Sullivan wants to find out who's trying to destroy Prime, the family bar his brother Gabe owns. When he finds Cleo asleep and murmuring the name Mark, he decides he has to have the hot woman before him. When Sean finds out the mayor's office has closed the bar he vows not to take no for an answer--about anything. Funny, charming, romantic and fun, this is the perfect ending to a delightful series.
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Page Traynor