Image of Nightfall


Image of Nightfall

A new star of mainstream suspense fiction has arrived, as category and historical author Anne Stuart explodes onto the suspense scene with her riveting new Onyx release, nightfall.

Professor Richard Tiernan has been tried and convicted for his wifes murder and sentenced by the courts to die for his crime. Former best-selling author Sean ORourke desperately needs another sensational hit to pump up his now-sagging literary career. Uncovering the real story behind the explosive Tiernan case seems to be ORourkes last shot at stardom.

A grimly-determined Richard Tiernan has one more vital task to accomplish before he allows the state to execute him. To achieve his goal Richard makes a devils bargain; he will agree to appeal his conviction and give the true story to ORourke in exchange for the posting of his million dollar bail, and the unspecified help of Seans daughter Cassidy.

Cassidy ORourke is both fascinated and unnerved by the enigmatic and magnetic Richard. Cassidy senses she is a pawn in a much larger plan, but is trapped by her stubborn commitment to her father, and her own growing desire for a man who may be a deadly serial killer. Common sense is abandoned, however, as Cassidy finds herself seduced by Richards dark and deadly charm. What trail of events led to Diana Scott Tiernans grisly death? Are the courts right? Is Richard Tiernan guilty of murder? If he isnt, then what is the devastating secret he is willing to die to protect?

Nightfall showcases mega-talented author Anne Start at her very best, telling a fascinating, emotionally complex story that vividly explores the dark, tormented underbelly of human behavior, while keeping you poised on the edge of your seat. For those fans of sexy, powerful and page-turning suspense, this is a must-read book. One of the years best. (Mar., 405 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith