An erotica set in the distant future, Nightfall moves at light speed. Its steamy scenes, however, would be much improved by hitting the brakes. The urgency between Talena and Dack makes sense given the body chemistry and makeup of these futuristic individuals, but urgency does not mean quickie — nor does quantity trump quality. That said, the author skillfully navigates what could become a love triangle in which two characters compete. As the story gets deeper, so do the intimate encounters. Bachar creates solidarity and trust within the ménage à trois while also including exciting moments of intergalactic warfare.

When escaped slave Dack runs into Talena's art shop to evade capture, he didn't count on being ensnared by her sexuality. But Talena is a Cy'ren in phase, making her irresistible especially to Dack. Their sexual relationship has consequences though, and while both parties are insatiable neither is ready to be a mate. To complicate this, Talena's in immediate danger due to her Cy'ren heritage and keeping her safe requires one-on-one monitoring from her first love, Carmen. This trio converges and sparks fly, but they all soon realize that the key to their future relies on Talena's past. (SAMHAIN, Aug., dl., $4.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Veronica Knoll