Love Spell showcases the promising talent of Kristen Kyle in an exciting foray into the far limits of space.

She was the most beautiful thing Talon had ever seen. And she was also his deadliest enemy. But somehow it doesn't seem to matter to daring smuggler Talon that Kari Solis is determined to capture his brother Rand, a leader in the rebellion against her father's tyrannous rule.

All her life Kari Solis has sought the approval of her father. Raised in isolation, she at last has a chance to prove her worth by succeeding where her abusive brother Naill has failed, by putting an end to the rebellion. But even she balks at the wholesale slaughter that would ensue if either side found a way to reactivate the devastating phazer weapon systems.

And so two enemies find themselves unexpected allies as they join forces to foil Naill's evil plan. Will their alliance lead to a more tender union?

Although Ms. Kyle leaves several questions unanswered (presumably to be answered in succeeding books), futuristic fans will revel in the fast-paced action and zingy interplay between the high-spirited lovers. (Mar., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer