This award-winning author is certainly no novice when it comes to love. Warren’s latest novel is set against the backdrop of World War II and forbidden love. Characters with depth and complex issues are wrapped around a story of suspense and intrigue. Readers will be encouraged as they relate to the strengths and weaknesses of people who love God but struggle to survive life-threatening situations.

Nurse Esther Lange is haunted by the sins of her past. One night of passion with Linus Hahn leaves Esther pregnant, ashamed and alone. When Linus heads off to war Esther is forced to contemplate her future with a man she doesn’t love. Life changes quickly when she receives a letter from Peter Hess, the medic who tended to Linus on the battlefield. Believing Linus to be dead, Esther and Peter soon strike up a friendship that deepens over time. That is, until she learns the devastating truth that Peter is a POW. And what will she do when she discovers the truth about Linus? Linus, Esther and Peter will learn that God has a way of shedding light on dark and impossible situations. (SUMMERSIDE, Nov., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes