Upon Caroline Derwent-Jone's 19th birthday she stands to inherit a fortune. In order to prevent her greedy guardian from claiming her estate, Caroline flees to her aunt in Cornwall.

Before leaving his ancestral home, North Nightingale, Lord Chilton, finds Eleanor Penrose's body at the bottom of the Cornwall cliffs. He has no idea who murdered the woman or that he will soon be involved with her niece Caroline.

One stroke of kindness has Caroline indebted to North. Raised in an all male household, cursed by the ancient legacy of King Mark that claims every Nightingale will be betrayed by a woman, North and his staff are none too thrilled when Caroline arrives on their doorstep.

Though there has been no woman at Mt. Hawke since North's great-grandfather's time, the estate is soon overrun with them. North knows he cannot trust any female, yet he is drawn to Caroline as she brings joy and laughter into his barren life and dark home.

They wed to save Caroline, but North has his selfish reasons for wanting her as his bride. As they try to solve the mystery surrounding her aunt's death, Caroline and NOrth (along with characters from The Wyndham Legacy) discover the means to thwart the ancient curse and claim true happiness.

This is a fun read (with several entertaining subplots) complete with twists and turns and surprises galore. THE NIGHTINGALE LEGACY is sure to charm and bring joy to Ms. Coulter's readers. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager