The Nightside is the seat of the constant battle between good and evil, populated by monsters, demons and some rather unusual humans. In this third installment of the urban fantasy series, private detective John Taylor continues to try to tip the scales toward good. Taylor has a sixth sense for finding what is lost, and he turns his talent to the search for an elusive singer known as the Nightingale. The mysterious chanteuse possesses a voice that has driven several fans to suicide. Taylor's job is to stop her before the entire population falls under her spell, but in order to catch her, he'll have to hear her song and survive.

Taylor has his own personal battles to fight as well, as he comes closer to discovering the truth about his lost mother and solving the mysteries that haunt his past. This strong characterization of a complicated hero is one of the qualities that makes Green's series effective. He deftly balances his hero's turmoil as he fights the darkness both within and without. With dark humor and psychological horror he rivals urban horror writers such as Jim Butcher and Christopher Golden; Laurell Hamilton fans should enjoy this series as well. (May, 256 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum