Image of Nightmare City


Image of Nightmare City

Klavan again hits readers with a story filled with such vivid imagery that one might find themselves looking over their shoulder to make sure they aren’t the one being followed. The story — set partly in reality and partly somewhere else — grabs the reader from the first page and makes one wonder what could possibly happen next. The writing is stellar, and readers who love Klavan’s previous works will not be disappointed with Nightmare City.

Tom Harding, a reporter for his high school newspaper, was taught at an early age by his big brother to always look at the bigger picture. So when a controversial story falls into his lap, he wants to tell it, but searching for the truth is not without consequences. Tom finds himself trapped in a nightmare that he is not sure he can get himself out of. With the strength of his brother, the love of a girl he didn’t know he had in his corner and the conviction that he has to always tell the truth, Tom races through Nightmare City with all the strength he has, hoping he can get himself out alive. (THOMAS NELSON, Nov., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michele Hagenlock