Talented storyteller Burnard moves from futuristic fare to urban fantasy with her outstanding series starter, Nightmare Ink. Burnard puts her exceptional world- and mythos-building skills to good use, introducing readers to a gritty reality where “Living Ink” can produce tattoos that magically enhance the wearer. Isa’s battle against the powerful entity within her makes for truly mesmeric and heart-stopping reading. Burnard is a genuine gift to the genre!

Drawing on her magical ability, Isa Romanchzyk has made a name for herself as the tattoo artist who can “bind” a Living Ink tattoo when things go wrong and the wearer’s life is in danger. But this skill earns her contempt from some, including ex-lover and fellow artist Daniel Alvarez. When an attempt to bind goes wrong, a living dragon tattoo escapes to wreak death and destruction. While hunting for the dragon, Isa is kidnapped, tortured and inked with a Living Tattoo of her own. The entity now within her body is powerful and willing to do anything to win his freedom. (US.PENGUINGROUP.COM/PAGES/INTERMIX, dl $4.27)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith