Culture, couture and sizzling sex are in abundance in this sensual, entertaining read. Bryan and Odette are a prime example of how opposites attract, and keep on attracting. Insight into the fashion world will keep readers interested, and the explosive sex scenes will have them panting for more.

At the end of a hiking trip in Europe, Bryan Bachman takes a detour through Paris. On a whim, he buys a raffle ticket for a fashion show and wins a prized seat by the catwalk. Waiting for the show to start, he spots a stunning woman peeking out from behind the curtains. Odette, a former model and founder of Oh! Oh! Odette clothing and lingerie, spies the sexy American in the audience and decides it's time for a fling. Days later, the two are still together. Can the savvy Parisian and the American beach-comber find more than a temporary affair? (Aphrodisia, Oct., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March