Mack has written a light, entertaining tale of sin and sexual fantasy. While there are some creative sex scenes --including a virtual reality game and light BDSM -- the pages are filled with scenery and unnecessary details for such a short story. Readers looking for deep characters with profound internal conflict, or those seeking visceral experiences, may be disappointed. The story wraps up nicely to create a fun, pleasant read.

Eager to climb the corporate ladder, Lara Stone leaves her Chicago job for London, where she'll be a corporate plant in hedge fund magnate Adam Bowlin's firm. Adam surprises Lara, since he's not the model-dating partygoer she'd imagined. Instead he prefers country chateaus, quiet nights -- and her.

But Lara's afraid to give in too quickly and insists on taking it slow. Adam reluctantly agrees, then takes her on a whirlwind ride of sensual nights and dark desires. (Aphrodisia, Jun., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March