For nearly a year, former Chasseur (vampire) Alexandre Beaumondier has assumed that his entire family was wiped out in the devastating fire that burned San Souci plantation to the ground. When his beautiful and powerful sister Suzanne suddenly turns up on his doorstep, Alex is both happy and concerned. Alex loves his sister, but as she is still a Chasseur and a hunter by nature, can she control her appetites?

Lieutenant Clay Garnier of the New Orleans police department has a couple of strange and grisly murders to solve. If he didn't know better, he would think something supernatural was at work, considering the bodies were drained of blood. Clay discovers a new obsession when he meets his friend Alexandre's sensual and glorious sister Suzanne.

Only once before has Suzanne ever felt an emotional attachment to a human male. That time it ended in great tragedy, therefore she is not prepared to ever become involved again. But the intense and powerful connection between them is not to be denied.

Is Suzanne really stalking and killing on the streets, or is she being set up as the prime suspect? Either way the final confrontation could destroy the growing love between Suzanne and Clay.

Author Cherlyn Jac pens the intriguing and compelling sequel to her first Chasseur tale Night's Immortal Kiss. NIGHT'S IMMORTAL TOUCH delivers all the passion, longing and emotion of the first book and more. SENSUAL (July, 348 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith