Image of Night's Touch


Image of Night's Touch

This novel believably circumvents the infertility problems of its vampire characters. The hero is a nice surprise, having been recently turned into a vampire. Though the heroine is naïve, her actions still come across as overly foolish. Enough background is painlessly inserted in the story that you don't have to have read Night's Kiss to enjoy this sequel.

At 22, Cara has come to realize that she doesn't know that much about her adoptive parents, Roshan and Brenna DeLongpre. A quiet rebellion has her meeting Anton, whom she finds attractive. But it's Vince that stirs her heart. When she rejects Anton, she has no idea that he's the son of her parents' enemy, Serafina, a woman determined to bring back to life the man she loves and that the DeLongpres killed. Now Cara must accept her parents for what they are before Serafina destroys them all. When she finds out the truth about Vince, however, will she be able to accept him too?

(Zebra, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley