Image of Nightshifted


Image of Nightshifted

Alexander serves up a fresh new UF series set in a hospital with a most uncommon ward. Nurse Edie Spence is gutsy, compassionate and determined — traits that quickly manage to get her into serious trouble! Through Edie’ eyes, readers get a ringside seat into the paranormal workings of both the medical and legal professions. A host of intriguing characters enliven this story that is edgy, funny and exciting. A very impressive debut!

To help her drug-addicted brother, nurse Edie Spence agrees to take a job in County Hospital’s secret ward Y4. To say that her new patients are a tad different is an understatement, as she is dealing with the medical needs of vampires, weres, zombies, et. al. Unfortunately, while trying to help a patient, she inadvertently kills him. Either from guilt or a compulsion, Edie goes on a mission to complete his dying request: save a girl named Anna. Edie finds Anna and does rescue her from some vampires. However, Edie is forced to kill one and then faces trial in a vampire court. Her only shot at saving her soul is if she can locate the again missing Anna and convince her to testify. Luckily, Edie has help from a sexy zombie firefighter. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith