Image of Nightsong (Hqn Romance)


Image of Nightsong (Hqn Romance)

For romance centering on the joys and sorrows of married life, readers can't do much better than Davidson. She continues to touch their emotions with tender love stories that aren't about falling in love but about dealing with the problems of married life and what happens after the happily ever after. This is a sweet and sensitive novel that fulfills an evening's dreams.

Ethan Tyler is running for his life, accused of murder and unable to prove it was self-defense. He finds the ideal place to hide -- a small horse ranch run by a woman he believes to be old and haggard. But Debra Nightsong is young and beautiful and, because of her Native American blood, an outcast. To Ethan she's the epitome of everything he has ever wanted, and working as her hired hand is heaven. He would never hurt her, and she trusts him enough to marry him and raise horses and a family together. Debra's "sight" tells her something is coming that will change their lives.

While Ethan leaves with a bounty hunter who will help him prove his innocence, Debra awaits the birth of their child alone. Yet there is peace and happiness in a reunion with her half-brother and the hope of Ethan's return. (HQN, May, 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin