Urban fantasy fans are free to rejoice, as James (aka Jennifer Ashley) has decided to continue her outstanding Janet Begay series on her own. This fourth outing forces Janet to solve a mystery and face the ultimate temptation. From the first book, this amazing series has been a pitch-perfect blend of riveting characters, Native American mythology, incredible thrills and romantic drama, I am truly overjoyed that James is continuing this unforgettable series.

Stormwalker Janet Begay finds her Crossroads Hotel under attack when everyone suddenly seems to be after her resident Nightwalker (vampire) Ansel. As Janet and her dragon boyfriend, Mick, try to get at the truth, they discover the existence of an artifact so dangerous, every supernatural being is after it. With this much firepower converging on the Crossroads, all hell is about to break loose. (JENNIFERSROMANCES.COM, dl., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith