Hot new author Tracey Tillis generates even more heat with her latest romantic suspense offering NIGHTWATCH. After years of silence, businessman Phillip Blakemore secretly contacts his son, Detective Mike Quinn, and requests a meeting in order to reveal long kept secrets. Unfortunately, Phillip is murdered minutes before Mike's arrival. Determined to solve the brutal murder of his estranged father, Mike's suspicions are soon focused on reporter Julie Connor. Is she an unwilling participant, or a major player in the events surrounding his father's death?

Julie is both aggravated by and attracted to Mike. Her dedication to journalism won't let her back down, even if she becomes the killer's next target. The broadening trail of drugs and corruption lead much too close to home for Mike's comfort. Unless they are very careful, Mike and Julie may find themselves permanently silenced.

Once again author Tracey Tillis brings to her writing a vivid intensity that will draw in readers from the very first page. Great reading! (June, 296 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith