The discovery of two bodies poses an interesting problem for Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Det. Alex Brandon. The "victims" were vicious killers themselves, on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Is this the work of a vigilante group? However, the two bodies also seem to be posed in a similar fashion to victims in a case Alex worked on years ago. Is there a connection to that case, and thus to millionaire businessman Kit Logan?

Kit already knows he's become a target. Worried for the safety of his 13-year-old female ward, Kit leaves Denver for LA to try and deal with the ghosts from his past. As a child, Kit was subjected to horrors that few could survive—his brutal stepfather was a serial killer who forced young Kit to dig the graves of his victims. Finally, as a teenager, Kit killed his stepfather as the man was torturing his latest victim. Because his maternal grandmother was an extremely wealthy businesswoman, Kit was sent to Sedgewick School for troubled kids rather than jail. However, that time at Sedgewick may hold the key to these killings.

When more individuals from the FBI list turn up murdered, Alex and his partner Ciarra Morton look for a link. Kit arrives in LA, but doesn't trust the Sheriff's department, for he knows the killers have access to unlimited funds. Kit remembers Alex from his own case—can he trust him?

Taking a break from her highly successful Irene Kelly series, Edgar award-winning author Jan Burke serves up one of her most intense and riveting books to date.

In this gripping and gritty book, both the victims and the killers vie for the distinction of being most evil. Mesmerizing drama and suspense! (Nov., 400 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith