A swindled heiress discovers her BLUE-JEANED PRINCE (3) when she goes to work in his gas station. Under this handsome man's guidance, her eyes are opened to the 'real' world and her inner-self. Vivian Leiber pens a touching romance with sharp dialogue and natural feeling scenes.

A research scientist seeks out the lovely day care owner he sees on TV to find out if he fathered her son, but as he gets to know both her and her child, he realizes that the truth is irrelevant. Mollie Molay's LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (3) is an emotionally gripping tale with an endearing cast of characters.

Liz Ireland jumps from Silhouette to Harlequin American with the publication of HEAVEN-SENT HUSBAND (2). An angel is sent back to Earth to help his young widow move on with her life. Fortunately there's a handsome lawyer waiting in the wings to make it happen. Ms. Ireland's innovative premise is developed with touching scenes and heartfelt dialogue.

Still shaken from a car accident, an architect and a race-car driver succumb to passion, and NINE MONTHS LATER... (1) the consequences become evident. Mary Anne Wilson starts off with an engaging plot that is ultimately overshadowed by flashbacks to the past and minimal interaction between the two lovers.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short