Young, beautiful and stubborn, Grace Cavanaugh arrives in New Orleans expecting to meet her father. Instead she finds a hard, rude Texan who's repaying an old debt.

After learning that her father is dead and she is penniless, Grace is forced to accept Dillon Becket's hospitality. The rough and dangerous ride to his failing ranch fills her with loathing for her new home long before even reaching Texas, while Dillon's moods and fierce protectiveness sets her teeth on edge and her heart to racing.

Dillon finds his ward far older and far more attractive than he thought she would be. But Grace's sharp tongue and witty pranks won't end his promise to marry Abigail Wilken in order to save his home from foreclosure.

Grace's determination to teach Dillon a lesson in manners, a storm and a band of Mexican thieves are just the beginning of their adventures together.

Between the high energy incidents, Grace and Dillon fight a growing passion that is fueled by the hot sun. But even after they yield to their desires, fate deals them a tough hand, forcing Grace to pull out all the stops and her feminine wiles to declare war in Plummerton to get her man.

Linda Winstead has created a story filled with tension and warm, believable characters that propel the plot forward. With a strong setting and fine humor, we learn just what a devil Dillon can be-but then Grace is no angel, either. SENSUAL (March, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black