Angela Davenport is familiar with heartache. With a mother capable of loving everyone except her, a violent ex-husband, the death of her "sister" cousin, whose infant she is now responsible for rearing and the fact that the love of her life is in love with her best friend, she should be suicidal, but instead she is a wonderful parent to Kayleigh and a very successful businesswoman. Her sources of support, friends Yvonne, Mike and Lawrence, are "minor" characters yet essential to the story.

A year ago Jeff Maxwell left town, after having hurt his best friends and the woman he loved. He's now back to make amends and reclaim the life that he left behind.

No Apologies is the often poignant and totally riveting story of how this couple, through heartache and soul searching, repair their relationship. Wonderfully realistic characters, strong writing and a flowing plot moved this reader to tears. (Mar., 267 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims