Image of No Chance (Last Chance Rescue)


Image of No Chance (Last Chance Rescue)

The crew from the Last Chance Rescue faces several cunning and twisted foes
in rising star Reece's latest installment.
The past machinations of others have destroyed the relationship between this hero and heroine, and their reconnection is fraught with danger of the physical
and emotional kind. Reece's red-hot
streak continues!

Eight years ago, an encounter in the South Pacific led to a heartfelt but impulsive marriage. Gabe Maddox had recently been freed from imprisonment in an African nation, while model Skylar James was looking for anonymity. Skye's wealthy father, Jeremiah James, manipulated events and drove the young couple apart. Now, when Skye is kidnapped, Jeremiah turns to the Last Chance Rescue, unaware that Gabe works for the agency.

Skye's kidnapping occurred while she was trying find out what happened to her missing friend Kendra. Now, both Skye and Kendra are prisoners of two different but equally twisted madmen. To rescue Skye, Gabe will do whatever is necessary, no matter the risk! (BALLANTINE, Mar., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith