Eleventh century England offers a wonderful portrait of the turmoil, pageantry, danger and intrigue of the years following the Norman Conquest. Its the perfect setting for Joan Wolfs debut medieval mystery.

When Hugh Corbailles adopted father, the Sheriff of Lincoln, dies, Hughs grief is overwhelming. While mourning, Hugh hears a strange tale that he may actually be Hugh die Leon, the only child of the Earl of Wiltshire, who was kidnapped on the day of his fathers murder 13 years ago.

Though wanting to stay loyal to the sheriffs memory, Hugh sets out to discover if he could be the long-lost heir.

He soon finds himself enmeshed in a web of intrigue, murder and deceit that goes back to the day that he may have witnessed his fathers death.

Hugh is helped by the woman who may be his mother, a group of knights loyal to the current Earl of Wiltshire, and a young woman whose support helps him put together the pieces of the past and finally solve the mystery.

Though not as in-depth as many of Ms. Wolfs pre-history novels and her Arthurian legend romances, NO DARK PLACE is a fine beginning for a new mystery series by this multi-talented author. The mystery is well crafted and the backdrop is richly detailed; something historical readers will savor. (Jun., 278 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin