Sabrina Savage refuses to believe that her beloved adopted father committed suicide. Intent upon finding the truth, she unwillingly accepts Adam St. Aubyns help, not knowing that they were betrothed since childhood.

Adam is keeping more than one secret from his beautiful fiancie. An Ottoman prince, he has lived in England, allowing his brother to rule their kingdom in peace. He knows that Sabrina is his wife and he will do whatever he must to get her into his bed.

As they are drawn together by their investigation, Adam works his sensual magic on the innocent Sabrina. He pursues her and tempts her as no decent gentleman should, and Sabrina falls under his spell.

But when it appears that there is an assassin out to kill one or both of them, Sabrina and Adam realize how much danger they are in. Will their newfound passion be their salvation or their doom?

Patricia Grassos romances have a unique allure and sweet charm to them that enchants readers. Her engaging characters (especially the dog, Winston) ensnare the heart as her story captures the mind. NO DECENT GENTLEMAN is another delightful and intriguing read from a true talent. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin