Weber presents more of his usual hard-hitting drama, the kind where readers can't keep their noses out of the book until it's done. His writing always brings heat -- along with multilayered characters, unexpected twists and a gripping ending. The characters are better than those on any soap opera.

Divorced father James Black's biggest worries are his two children. His son Darnell is set to marry Keisha. The night before their wedding, Darnell finds her in bed with his best friend, Omar. Then he's arrested for beating Omar. When he is bailed out the next day, Darnell's life starts to spiral out of control as he begins to stalk and torment Keisha.

Meanwhile, James' 25-year-old daughter Jamie is a pampered little princess who brings the drama. As Jamie learns a dangerous secret about her boyfriend Louis, ladies' man James falls under the spell of a woman with questionable motives. (DAFINA, Feb., 288 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields