Kira Dodd is off to Texas to rescue her mother. While on a cruise, her mother, Myra, met a Texas rancher and has now gone off with him to his ranch. Kira is not only afraid said rancher is taking her mother for a financial ride, but will be keeping Myra from spending Christmas with her own family in Chicago.

Kira arrives at the ranch to find her mother not only happy and well, but in love with her rancher, who has mucho money of his own. Kira also finds herself falling head over heels in lust with the ranchers handsome nephew, Dylan.

Dylan Jolivet is determined to see the gold-digging Myras bags packed before Christmas. But his plans are thwarted by Myras kindness and his uncles obvious affection for her. When her daughter arrives, Dylan feels his resolve weakening under every touch he shares with the vivacious Kira. If he isnt careful, Myra and her daughter will not only be permanent fixtures at the ranch, theyll be permanent fixtures in his heart.

NO GREATER GIFT is a heartwarming romantic tale woven around the spirit of Christmas. As always, Ms. Guillaume delves beneath the surface of the heart to reveal the depth of emotion in the elusive layers of love. (Dec., 250 pp., $4.99

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson